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PT.Bestindo Central Container




  1. Side loader 7 high : 1 unit
  2. Side loader 5 high : 2 units
  3. Side loader 3 high : 2units
  4. Forkolft 5 ton ... Read More


Other facilities

  1. Washing facilities
  2. Code co reporting 
  3. Email
  4. Electricity
  5. Repair faciolties
  6. CCTV< ... Read More


Main costumers

    1. PT TRANSLINER (Optima Lautan Bersama)
    2. PT VASCO (Optima Lautan Bersama)
    3. PT VASCO MARITIM (Opti ... Read More

We Offer

Best in the class Logistic Transportation Services

Trucking Transportation Services

PT Bestindo Central Container serve transportation services trucking currently available six (6 ) units of cars with models trucking Hino Lohan in 201

Storage & Warehouse

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Empty (Depo Cont)

Stored back into the depot and stacked after being hired by the shipping company and will be in the process of cleaning and repair if there is damage

Full (Storage Cont)

Containers parked into the depot then stacked and storage time depends on the schedule of the port to be entered into the ship or the consignee goods

Industries Covered

Your Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction!





    PT. Bestindo Central Container (BCC) was established in 2006 as a freight forwarder company. By considering to customer demand and the market growth, the founder H. Muchaji expanded the range of services. with total concrete space of 50.000 m2.
    Bestindo become one of the Container Depot that really aware of customer satisfaction. Our services include Containers storage, repair, washing and so many more. Situated in strategic position, within only 6 kilometers away from Tanjung Priok port and nearby the exiting entrance of toll road, Bestindo offering a high quality of services.
    The desire is too keep one step ahead of the competition, and it also drives the company to seek better management and administration solution

  • "Vision And Mission"


    According to our company motto,PT BESTINDO CENTRAL CONTAINER aiming to make customer satisfy by providing our best service


    With excellent service loading and unloading and stacking containers in an efficient and safe environment.
    Support sub-system service for the smooth harbor container traffic towards competitiveness in trade.
    Seeking profit on the term of the principles of corporate management.
    Dedicating a modern human resources and professional and ready to solve to meet market demand.

  • "Legalitas"

    Akta No.26 Tgl 12 Juli 2006 tentang Pendirian PT. Bestindo Central Container (PT.BCC).
    Akta No.23 tgl 23 Juni 2009 Berita Acara Rapat umum pemegang saha luar biasa PT BCC.
    Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Replublik Indonesia No.AHU-33554.AH.01.02. Tahun 2009 tgl 17 Juli 2009 tentang persetujuan akta perubahan anggaran dasar perseroan.
    Surat pengukuhan pengusaha kena pajak No. PEM-93/WPJ.21/KP.0403/2008 tgl 17 agustus 2008.
    Surat keterangan domisili perusahaan No: 20/1.842/XII/2012.
    Surat tanda daftar perusahaan perseroan terbatas (TDP) No. tgl 6 oktober 2006. Nomor pokok wajib pajak (NPWP) No.02.506.531.9-043.000 tgl 11 agustus 2006.
    Surat keterangan terdaftar dari ditjen pajak No.PEM-528/WPJ.21/KP.0503.2006 tgl 11 agustus 2006.
    Surat ijin usaha jasa pengurusan transfortasi (SIUPJ) No.330/SIUJPT/DISHUB/VIII/2006 tgl 31 agustus 2006. Laporan keuangan oleh akuntan publik Drs.Haryo Tienmar Periode th.2008 & 2009.